Flywheel Sports review

Hi, guys! We’ve made it to Thursday. That’s almost like the weekend, right? I’ve got a pretty awesome post for y’all today, if I do say so myself.

Let’s start with yesterday’s eats so I can get to the really good stuff. ;)

Yesterday’s breakfast was a random collection of leftovers from Tuesday night’s meal: half an Ezekiel bun topped with peanut butter and blueberries, a Ziplock bag filled with grape tomatoes and cucumbers and another Ziplock bag filled with grapes.

Ezekiel Hamburger Bun.jpg


I also treated myself to an iced coffee from Starbucks. Random at its finest!


I’m really working to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet (OK really just more veggies, let’s be honest), so I scavenged my fridge for some veggies to throw into a salad. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell green peppers, goat cheese and turkey over romaine lettuce with a ginger dressing = so good. I also ate the other half of my morning Ezekiel bun because I can’t make it through a single meal without carbs.


Finally, dinner was picked up on my way home from my cycle class. Newk’s has an awesome selection of salads, sandwiches and even pizza. I went with a side salad and half a grilled chicken sandwich. It hit the spot, I was starving!

Newk's Salad and Sandwich.jpg

Now for the fun part of this post: my review of Flywheel Sports.


I’ve been to quite a few spin classes before. In fact, back when I was going to college at Baylor, I’d take 3-4 spin classes a week. I even have a spin bike at home. So when I was invited to try Flywheel Sports, I was extremely excited, but felt like I could handle the classes without much trouble.

I attended my first Flywheel class last Saturday morning. As soon as I arrived at the studio, I was immediately impressed by how organized everything is. I’ve been to a number of gyms and studios before, but the Flywheel studio is so clean and well put together.

FlyWheel Plano.jpg

Before the front door even shut behind me, I was greeted by a friendly Flywheel employee at the front desk, asking me how I was doing and how she could help me. I explained to her that I was a first timer and that I’d need to set up a month-long membership.

FlyWheel Plano 2.jpg

She quickly walked me through what I’d need for the class that morning and handed me a pair of cycling shoes to put on. I have never been to a spin class where special shoes are required, so this was new to me, but after experiencing how much better a class is with them, I’m hooked! Once I put on my cycling shoes, I was given a thorough tour of the studio before my class began.

FlyWheel Plano 3.jpg

Before walking into my class, I grabbed a few towels and filled up my water bottles. The room was set up with a stadium seating layout, much better than most spin classes I’ve taken. The stadium seating setup allows for a great view of the instructor no matter where you’re sitting.

When you sign up for a membership with Flywheel, you are asked to set up an account where you can log in and reserve your bike prior to the class. This is great for those of us who prefer to be in the back row. ;)


I’ve now taken two spin classes at Flywheel, and can’t believe I made it through either! The classes are an incredible workout and I felt challenged the entire time. I really, really like how the bikes allow you to view what your torque and RPM is at, so you can be sure you’re keeping up with the rest of the class. There are also two TV screens set up at the front of the class, and there are periods in the class where your “power level” (determined by your torque + RPM) is displayed on the screens so you can race against others in the class.


(The above photo was provided by Flywheel.)

Your final score at the end of the class is added to your Flywheel account, which you can access online. This was from my class yesterday. (I didn’t have an account before I took my first class.) By the way, the woman on the bike next to me asked if I was a cyclist after class. Maybe I missed my calling? :P

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 8.35.44 AM

As we all walked out of the classroom, I didn’t see a single person who wasn’t dripping sweat. Luckily, Flywheel has a number of gorgeous individual full bathrooms so you can shower after your workout. Each bathroom is stocked with top notch shampoos and body washes, plus hair dryers and anything else you might need to get ready.

There is also an awesome apparel section of the studio filled with some of the cutest workout gear I’ve seen! PS ladies, there are some super cute floral workout tops that are totally on-trend right now!

FlyWheel Apparel.jpg

FlyWheel Apparel 2.jpg

So that’s my take of Flywheel in a nutshell. As a runner, I find myself seeking out other workouts that will challenge me and cause me to become a better runner. I’m so excited to see where I am with my running after taking classes at Flywheel this month!

Be sure to check out That Running Girl tomorrow for my review of FlyBarre, Flywheel Sports’ barre classes. Let’s just say I am still sore from Monday’s class! Also tomorrow I will share my giveaway for five Flywheel classes for either Flywheel Plano or Flywheel Highland Park. You guys will definitely want to get in on this! :)

I was gifted a free month membership by Flywheel Sports. However, all opinions are my own.

Have you ever tried a Flywheel cycling class? Do you try to incorporate classes into your running routine?

wednesday review: Silk coconut almond blend

Hello! Happy Wednesday. :) How is your week going? This week has been a little rough on my end, so I’m glad it’s flying by!

Yesterday started off with a banana before breakfast. I don’t know why, but I woke up starving!


For breakfast I had a big bowl of plain Greek yogurt topped with Nature’s Path granola and blueberries. So filling and so good!


Lunch was awesome. If you haven’t had the frozen tortillas from Costco, I highly recommend them. We put half of the package in the freezer and the other half in the fridge for quick access when the tortilla craving hits! All you do is throw the tortilla on the skillet (medium heat) and let it cook for about 5 minutes.

Costco Tortilla.jpg

I made myself a bean and cheese burrito, served with chips and guacamole. (Sorry about the not-so-great picture haha…)

Bean Burrito.jpg

After work, I had a not-so-fun dentist appointment, so I wanted to make up for that by coming up with something different and fun for dinner to surprise Mark. I stopped at the store after my appointment and threw together this awesome spread while Mark was running. I included grapes, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, salted almonds, chicken sausage, Ezekiel bread, goat cheese, apricots, honey and blueberry preserves. I loved it so much and Mark was happy to try something different for dinner! We’ve gotten in a bit of a dinner rut lately, so this was a nice change.


Since today is Wednesday, that can only mean one thing: Wednesday review. I know you guys have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting. Just kidding. Today I want to review Silk’s Almond Coconut Blend. (This is not a sponsored post, I just picked this product up at the Market Street store near me.)


I love milk. When I was growing up, we were strict 2% drinkers. As I got older and obsessed over my calorie intake, I begged my mom to start buying me skim milk. For years and years, I drank only skim milk.

As I’ve developed a more healthy relationship with food, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more about what’s in the food we eat. Milk was made to be a one-ingredient product: cow’s milk. But in order to make milk low-fat, there are a number of food additives put into the milk, including powdered milk. (After reading this article, I learned that powdered milk contains oxidized cholesterol, which is believed to worse for your arteries than normal cholesterol.)

After doing my fair share of research, I’ve come to learn that the lower amount of fat contained in the milk, the higher the amount of additives. Now, anytime I order milk in my coffee at Starbucks, I order whole milk. But most days, I make my own iced coffee at home, and I wanted to find a “creamer” that isn’t as high in fat as whole milk. Enter Silk.

About a year ago, I started drinking almond milk for the first time. I was hesitant at first, because the idea of almonds being milk just seemed weird, but honestly I love the taste. (Here is an article that talks about the nutritional benefits of almond milk.) So when I found out that Silk now makes an almond-coconut blend, I knew I had to try it!

At only 50 calories per serving and 50% more calcium than dairy milk, this stuff was a no-brainer. I bought the original flavor, which only has 5 grams of sugar. I add this blend into my iced coffee each morning and it adds the perfect touch of flavor! I also drink this alone and love the slight taste of coconut.

So buy it, try it or deny it? I say try it. Honestly, this blend may not be for everyone. I’m certainly not trying to steer anyone away from drinking regular milk if that’s your preference! There are so many choices out there now: skim milk, 2% milk, whole milk, raw milk, organic milk, soy milk, almond milk and blends like the coconut almond milk. You’ve got to find what you like most, but I would definitely suggest giving this blend a try! :)

PS — FlyWheel review tomorrow on the blog; giveaway starts Friday!

Do you drink much milk? What is your favorite kind of milk or milk alternative?

farmers market

Hi, friends!

I am moving slow this morning after attending my very first FlyBarre class yesterday. Holy cow. I’ve done barre classes before, but this was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken. I am hoping it gets easier as I continue to take more classes this month!


Did anyone else spend half of their morning watching the Boston Marathon on their computer?


For the first time since 1983, an American man won the Boston Marathon. Way to go, Meb!

I wanted to share some photos from our visit to the local Farmers Market this weekend. By the way, I finally found my camera battery charger, so I’ve been able to take better pictures…. buttttt I forgot my camera at home, so I’m left pictureless for yesterday’s eats. They were as follows:

Breakfast: Earnest Eats hot and fit cereal

Lunch: evol. breakfast burrito

Dinner: Tamales (from the Farmers Market), a salad and chips & guacamole

Now to the Farmers Market. :)

Farmers Market.jpg

This was the first weekend for our local Farmers Market to open up for the year. I have only been to the Dallas Farmers Market once when I was a kid, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Farmers Market 3.jpg

There were all kinds of awesome booths set up selling spices, breads, meat, juices, organic coffee and even oils and soaps!

Farmers Market 9.jpg

Farmers Market 7.jpg

Farmers Market 2.jpg

Farmers Market 8.jpg

Farmers Market 6.jpg

Mark and I ended up buying a few things on our first visit, but I can’t wait to come back (hopefully next weekend!) and pick up some more great organic foods. (We also bought some grass fed beef which is in the bag below.)

Farmers Market 5.jpg

Do you visit your local Farmers Market regularly? Have you ever taken a barre class?

we stick together

Hi, friends! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a great Easter weekend with your loved ones!

Today, I wanted to send special thoughts and prayers to all those running Boston. While Boston is just a pipe dream to me, I am a runner, and as runners, we stick together.

Boston Back Cover


Alright, now let’s do a recap of the weekend, starting with Friday. I decided to try a new-to-me breakfast Friday morning: Earnest Eats cereal. I’m officially hooked.


Lunch was nothing noteworthy (grilled chicken, veggies and rice from the cafe downstairs in my office). My snack was a banana.


After work, I made a pitstop at the grocery store and picked up some Cadbury mini eggs. (I texted Mark on the way home saying, “I got something for you!” and his response was, “You know those are for you…” Whoops.)


PS, how amazing do these Cadbury mini eggs brownies look!? I may have to make these next year…

cadbury mini eggs blondies 1 - blog

After I ate half the bag, I headed out for a run. Surprisingly, the sugar high helped me out and I ended up with 3 quick miles @ an 8:27 pace.


How cute is this single bluebonnet I saw on my run?!


As soon as I finished my run, I quickly showered and Mark and I headed out to meet his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend for a double date at the horse races. I’ve only been to Lone Star Park once, but I have to admit, I’m not a huge horse racing fan. I am such an animal lover and I just can’t get past the fact that the horses are forced to race. Anywayyyyy… we still had a good time getting to hang out with friends!

Horse Races.jpg

Saturday morning I was up early. For breakfast, I threw together a peanut butter and banana smoothie (one banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, ground up oatmeal ((I was out of Greek yogurt)) and almond milk).

Breakfast Smoothie.jpg

As soon as I finished my breakfast smoothie, I got ready to attend my first FlyWheel class. I was offered a free month membership at FlyWheel and was so, so excited to give it a try. I’ve driven by the studio so many times before, but never actually attended a class!


I don’t want to share too much because I will be writing a full review of my experience and will be doing a FlyWheel giveaway at the end of the week, so stay tuned for details on that! Trust me when I say you will want to enter. This was one of the sweatiest and most fun cycling workouts I’ve done in quite awhile. I am planning to take one of the FlyBarre classes either this evening or tomorrow too!

I headed home after my FlyWheel workout to grab Mark and head to the Farmers Market. I haven’t been to a Farmers Market since I was a kid, but I love the local, fresh food and produce choices! Mark and I snagged a few things, but I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. :)

Farmers Market.jpg

For the remainder of the day, we did things around the house. Lunch was breakfast burritos.

Breakfast Burrito.jpg

Last week, Mark promised me we could get sushi this weekend, so I was (literally) counting down the minutes. I have a sushi problem. We tried a new sushi place (we usually go to the same local sushi restaurant), which wasn’t my favorite. But you live and learn, right?


To make up for the swing and miss with our sushi, we decided to treat ourselves to some Yogurtland. I need to take it easy on the treats…but I seriously love trying the new flavors of the week at Yogurtland!


Easter morning, Mark and I enjoyed breakfast at home before heading off to church. Breakfast for me was two eggs and a piece of toast topped with almond butter and strawberries.


After Easter service, we met up with my family for an Easter lunch. I ordered the brisket tacos. So, so good!

Brisket Tacos.jpg

Loved getting to spend time with my family on Easter!


Best husband ever. :)


The remainder of Sunday was lazy… to quite lazy. I loved it. For dinner, Mark grilled up some grass fed beef we picked up at the Farmers Market on Saturday. Burgers at their finest!


And last, but certainly not least. I have to share my excitement from Friday when Bart Yasso liked my photo on Instagram. Runner geek out moment!


Okay, now that you know everything about my weekend, I want to hear about yours!

What did you do for Easter? Did you have anything tasty this weekend?

new running shoes

Hi, friends! Happy Friday.

I’ve got some fun things in the pipeline to share with you guys, so stay tuned next week!

My new running shoes came in the mail yesterday. After 9 glorious month and approximately 700 miles, it was time to retire the good old Brooks Glycerin 11s. You were good to me, guys! Thanks for the 5k PR. :)

Brooks Glycerin 11s

Don’t you just know your package is going to be fun when this sticker is on the outside of the box…

Brooks Running.jpg

I originally became interested in the Brooks PureFlows after reading rave reviews from my favorite blogger, The Hungry Runner Girl. A couple of months ago, my husband ordered a pair of the PureFlows too. He was able to to give me feedback and, from everything he told me, I thought they’d be a good transition from the Glycerins.

I decided to break in my PureFlow 2s with an easy 4 miles @ a 9:17 pace.

Brooks PureFlow 2s

(That Running Girl Instagram: Follow me! :))

I’ll write a full review of the PureFlows in a week or so once I’ve gotten a few more runs in. Now let’s back track to yesterday’s eats.

Breakfast was plain Greek yogurt topped with Love Crunch dark chocolate granola (my latest obsession) and raspberries.

Love Crunch Granola.jpg

For lunch, I met a few friends at a local Mediterranean restaurant. I ordered the platter, which allows you to mix and match different menu items and create your own dish. I chose the falafels with rice, beans, salad, tabbouleh, hummus and carrot hummus. They give you a side of pita bread too. It’s so good!


After my run, I threw together an easy dinner while Mark cooled down from his run. Chicken sausage stuffed with roma tomatoes + kale (from Costco), corn on the cob and peas. With a beer on the side, because it’s Thursday.

Chicken Sausage.jpg

What running shoes do you wear? Do you switch out the brand you wear or stick with just one?

tips for new runners

Since it’s Thursday, I thought I’d do something different. Alright, the fact that it’s Thursday has nothing to do with it and the fact I didn’t get many great photos yesterday has everything to do with it. Hey, you do what you gotta do. ;)

Yesterday’s eats (in order):

Breakfast: evol. breakfast burrito.

Lunch: leftover chicken sausage and an ataulfo mango.

Dinner: chipotle vegetarian burrito bowl.

I had an orthodontist appointment after work (never thought I’d be back there after I got my braces off at age 16…) and ended up going out with friends after that, so I placed my two rest days back-to-back. I’ll be back at it today, when I’ll hopefully have a brand spankin’ new pair of running shoes to break in.



For this post, I wanted to focus on new runners. I’ve been running for quite awhile now, but when I first started running, I had plenty of questions about this new hobby I’d taken on. Beginning to run can seem overwhelming to most people, but there are a few things that can make your first few months as a runner a little easier.

Invest in good shoes. The thought of spending $100 dollars on a pair of running shoes may seem like a huge commitment, especially if you’re just starting out. However, if you skimp on the proper shoes, you put yourself at risk for injuries.

Be realistic. I am a very competitive person by nature, so I am constantly comparing myself to other runners. Most of the runners I follow run 40+ miles a week. While I’ve been in that rang before, currently that’s not a feasible mileage for me. When starting out, it’s important to be realistic about your mileage and pace. Don’t be discouraged by more experienced runners who may be faster or run more miles than you. They were once beginners too.

Figure out what you like. Running will be no fun if you don’t do what you like. Do you enjoy running races? Running with friends or solo? With or without music? Are you a speed or distance runner? Determine what makes running enjoyable and stick to it.

Set goals for yourself. Whether you’re running to lose weight or PR, it’s crucial to set goals for yourself. Once you’ve established your goals, come up with a plan to get there and don’t stop until you do!

Find a good running blog. I’m kidding on this one. Kinda. It is a great idea to find a running community that you can use to motivate yourself. On the days that you lack motivation, go read a good running blog or text a running friend for inspiration. There are days running won’t be easy and you won’t feel like doing it, but you will always feel better once you have.

And most importantly, one of my favorite inspirational quotes…



New runners: What are some of your running questions? Longtime runners: What advice do you have for newer runners?

wednesday review: JayBird BlueBuds X

Hi! How is everyone doing? I’m in a great mood this morning! I don’t know if it’s because my new running shoes are coming tomorrow, the fact that we’re halfway through the week or because I have an awesome giveaway that will be appearing on That Running Girl later this week (stay tuned!). Whatever it is, I’m loving it!

I’m going to be totally honest, there’s nothing too exciting about yesterday’s eats, but I’ll share them anyway. :-)

Breakfast was my final Van’s berry waffle in the box (sniff) topped with almond butter, chia seeds and a sliced banana.

Van's Berry Waffle.jpg

Around 11, I started getting hungry, so I snacked on some Skinny Pop I’d packed. This stuff…. MMM. Expect a review soon.

For lunch, I threw together a taco salad with one of the leftover hamburger patties from the night before.

Taco salad.jpg

Finally, dinner… which I sadly did not photograph. My stomach was being funny when dinnertime rolled around, so I cooked one of the TortillaLand flour tortillas we picked up at Costco last week (the tortillas come uncooked and you just throw them on the skillet to cook them), then topped it with almond butter and a sliced apple. I don’t know why, but that was the only thing that sounded good. It wasn’t nearly pretty enough for a picture (not that any of my food really is…), so I decided to spare you guys a photo.

After dinner, Mark and I met my mom at our church for an Easter event they had put together (a walk-through of Jesus’ final days before his crucifixion… it was so powerful!). Evening event = no run.

Wednesday review

For this week’s review, I want to share with y’all my love for my JayBird BlueBuds X headphones.



When I first started running, I would lug around my Sony portable CD player. Please tell me you guys remember these…



When the iPod came out, I felt like my whole world had changed. And then iPhones started carrying music. However, I would still have to deal with annoying headphone cords while I ran. Despite having an arm band that can carry my phone, I typically still hold it while I run. Call it habit. So when I would run with normal headphones, my cord would always be awkwardly hanging there.

Enter JayBird BlueBuds X headphones. Mark bought me these headphones for my birthday (or Christmas? I can’t remember) and I was pretty unfamiliar with them at the time. As soon as I ran with them the first time, I was instantly hooked. The freedom that these headphones allow when you’re running is amazing. I seriously almost forget I’m wearing headphones when I run with these on.

I also have really tiny ears, so most headphones tend to fall out of my ears while I’m running. But the JayBird BlueBud X headphones have ear cushions, so the headphones hug into your ear and don’t move throughout your workout. The headphones also connect quickly to your phone; just turn on your phone’s bluetooth and the headphones will connect.

The only downside to these is that you have to charge them, and I’ve come dangerously close to running out of battery mid-run, but it hasn’t happened quite yet. With 8 hours of play time, I typically only have to charge my battery every 5-7 days. If I turn off the headphones when I’m not using them, the battery will last even longer. The headphones come in both black and white.

So like always: buy it, try it or deny it? At $169.95, these headphones are definitely an investment. However, I use them every single time I workout, so I truly feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. If you use headphones regularly, I definitely say buy it. Or add it to your birthday wish list. ;)

Do you listen to music while you workout? What was your favorite 90s gadget?

staches for Boston

Hellooooo! How is everyone? I’m a little sleepy this morning, but that’s what iced coffee is for, right?

As most of you know, today is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. As a country, what happened was horrendous. As runners, what happened was unimaginable. I watched the race online from work for the first couple of hours as the first runners crossed the finish line. However, I had to turn off my live feed, and didn’t hear about the tragedy until it was breaking on CNN. I’ve never felt prouder to be part of the running community, as we all ran for Boston throughout that week.


I have an opportunity for all of you readers. For Dallas readers, come check out the social run at the Luke’s Locker near you. The run is benefitting Bostache—a fundraising project started by runners from Dallas that were running the Boston Marathon in 2013. You can make a donation online to the Boston Police Department here, and donations will help “fill the gap” on needs of the Boston PD.

Alright, now let’s dive into yesterday’s eats and run and then I have something pretty awesome to share with you all.

Yesterday’s breakfast was a Van’s berry waffle topped with almond butter, chia seeds and raspberries. I can’t get enough of these waffles; sadly, I am eating my last waffle in the box this morning.


For lunch, I had yet another slice of the pizza from Friday night. This pizza is seriously the gift that keeps giving.


By the way, you may notice my new water bottle hanging out in the picture above. Over the weekend, Mark and I picked up some ello glass water bottles at Costco. I love adding lemon essential oils to my water, but you can’t add oils to anything you’re drinking from a plastic bottle or cup (the oils will pull the toxins from the cup into your water). I love this water bottle so much. Call me crazy, but the water just tastes more pure and the bottle doesn’t get cakey when put in the dishwasher. Mark and I got two bottles for $15 at Costco. Totally worth the purchase!


When I got home from work, Mark headed out for a quick run, while I hung at home with the dogs. Once he got back (by the way, he is seriously shaving time off his run times lately, I am so proud), I headed out for a little 5k of my own. As part of my attempt to shave time off my 5k time, one of my weekly runs is going to be a 5k where I consistently push myself out of my comfort zone.

Since this is my first day of “training,” my goal was to simply stay below a 9-minute mile the entire time. I only noticed myself hit a 9-minute mile once and I immediately dug deep and sped up for the remainder of my run. 3.1 miles @8:33 pace. I definitely felt like I pushed myself throughout my entire run and consider it a good start to my training. I’m definitely in a better place with my running than I was even 6 months ago speed-wise.


When I got back home from my run, Mark was prepping some burgers to throw on the grill. I took care of the green beans (I usually work on the sides and Mark does the meat cooking), while Mark grilled the burgers. PS, the Ezekiel burger buns were amazing. I definitely reccommend them!


Alright, now I’ve got something to share with you guys. The time has come for me to order new running shoes. I’ve had the same pair of Brooks Glycerin 11s since August 3 and just based off a very rough estimation, have put about 700 miles on them. You’re supposed to change your shoes out every 6ish months or 300-500 miles. So I’m overdue, to say the least.

Typically I go to my local running store to pick up the latest and greatest in running shoes. My current pair cost $160. (I can never imagine spending that much on a normal pair of shoes, but for some reason, I didn’t even blink when they told me my total for these back in August.) Anyway, Mark and I hopped on the Running Warehouse website and picked me up a pair of Brooks PureFlow 2s for $50.

I am all about local running stores, trust me. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I go into one. But having to replace shoes every 6-9 months can get expensive, and Running Warehouse seems like it will be a great way to minimize the cost of new shoes. The website has brand new models, which are only slightly less than you would find them in-store. However, there is also a liquidation store on the site, where they list any model of shoes they are trying to get rid of. The PureFlows I got were listed for $59, and Mark found a promo code (FB15D) that knocked another 15% off.

I’m certainly not trying to take away any business from our local running shops. I still plan to shop there regularly. However, if you’re looking for a new running shoe and can’t afford to spend $160 like I did last year, Running Warehouse is seriously a great alternative. I am so excited to get my shoes in the mail within the next two days (free shipping too!).

Dallas runners, is anyone planning to do a Boston social run? Where do you buy your running shoes?

get ready

I’m about to smother you in pictures. ;) Every Monday I have so much to catch up on that I pretty much just go into picture overload. Hope you’re ready!


I got to the office on Friday and saw these sitting on my desk. There was no name on the post-it note, but I figured out it was from one of our project managers. So nice!


Breakfast was a Van’s berry waffle topped with almond butter, chia seeds and a sliced banana.


For lunch I brought home a grilled chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A. Yes, I added a small waffle fry. ;)

Chick Fil A Grilled Chicken Sandwich.jpg

After work, I went for my first run in 6 days. I kept this run short and easy so I could ease my way back in. 3 miles @ 9:22 pace. Man, I missed running.


Once I got back from my run, I immediately got ready and headed to my old boss’ new house for a housewarming party. So much fun! And then I stopped by Mark’s favorite pizza place and picked up a pizza for us to eat at home. This pizza was huge. We’ve eaten it for several meals this past weekend and still have some left!



Saturday morning’s breakfast was so good: oatmeal with peanut butter and chia seeds. Served with an iced coffee, of course.


After a mid-morning run to Costco to stock our pantry, I heated up a slice of pizza, which I ate with some leftover salad from the night before.


Saturday afternoon, I went for another easy run. 3 miles @ 9:14 pace.


PS — I passed these ducks during my run. They hang out in our neighborhood a lot. I love them!


Immediately after my run, I showered and got ready for a Dallas Mavericks’ game with Mark, my mom and sister. Mark and I got to the arena pretty early so we could grab something to eat before the game started. Chicken tenders and fries for me. This wasn’t my healthiest weekend…

Chicken Tenders.jpg

I have so much fun at Mav’s games. We have been going for years and I seriously love it! (Fun fact: Mark and I went on our first date to a Mavs game.)


My mom. :)


On our way home from the game, Mark and I stopped at Yogurtland for some frozen yogurt. My favorite.



Sunday’s breakfast was similar to Saturday’s: steel cut oatmeal with peanut butter, chia seeds and banana slices.


After church, Mark and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some produce before I threw together something for our lunch. I sauteed chicken/kale sausage with some onions and spinach, served with macaroni & cheese.

Chicken sausage.jpg

Sunday afternoon I came up with my own at-home workout. For some reason, the ball of my right foot and my right knee were acting up on both of my runs this weekend (I’m assuming I need new shoes), so I figured a different workout would be beneficial.

This workout had my heart rate up for about 45 minutes straight yesterday. During the 10-minutes of spinning on each repetition, I made sure to keep my heart rate high with spinning intervals and sprints on the bike.


Dinner was takeout Pei Wei since we had a gift card. Yum.

Pei Wei.jpg

Now that I’ve drowned you in pictures of my weekend, tell me about your weekend!

Did you run this weekend? What’s the coolest thing you did this weekend?

it’ll be good to be back

It’s Friday, it’s Friday… it’s Friiiiiday! Is anyone else excited about that?! It’s been a heck of a week, I’ll say that. But the weekend is finally almost here.

Yesterday’s breakfast was plain Greek yogurt topped with Barbara’s multigrain spoonfuls and blackberries. I don’t want to talk about how quickly I went through that entire box of multigrain spoonfuls cereal by myself…


Mid-morning I got hungry… I mean really hungry, so I grabbed a Sabra hummus packet at the cafeteria downstairs in my office. It hit the spot!


For lunch, I threw together a chicken wrap with the balsamic grilled chicken we had for dinner Wednesday night. Kroger’s homemade tortillas are pretty legit, y’all.


Around 3:30, I got hungry again. I don’t know what was with me yesterday, but I was hungry. Luckily, I’d packed a banana and some almond butter, which I had with an unsweetened black iced tea from the Starbucks in my office. Perfect afternoon pick-me-up.


Unfortunately, I had to work late and ate dinner (Jason’s Deli) in record time, so I failed to snap a picture.

So it’s been 6 days since I last ran. I miss it so much and I get major runner’s jealousy when I pass someone running this week. But I truly believe this week has been good for me mentally and physically. I’ve been reminded how much I miss running when it’s not in my life… and I’ve been reminded how poorly I eat when I’m not worried about running. That’s enough motivation to keep running if you ask me. ;)

I am hoping to get an easy run this evening and Mark and I have already discussed a bike ride together tomorrow. It’ll be good to be back. Starting next week, I’m going to (attempt to) start working to shave some time off my 5k PR. The 5k has never really my race per se, but being able to improve my time over the past few months has been really fun for me and I’d love to push myself to continue to get better.

So how do I plan to do that? I did some research and will be following a training plan I found on Runner’s World. I will be focusing on the 6 “puzzle pieces” below:

For our 5K puzzle, we assemble pieces to create these six islands:.

* Stride Efficiency
* Aerobic Endurance
* 5K-Specific Endurance
* Intermediate Fast-Twitch Endurance
* Versatile Race Pace Efficiency
* Post-Run Recovery & Injury Prevention

Basically my workouts will consists of technique drills, short hill repetitions, a weekly long run, track/interval workouts and foam rolling. I am realistic about my weekly workouts, so I will likely continue to take two rest days (like I always do), but will follow the below workout as closely as possible. I am thinking I will skip one medium run and one short run each week. Although, we’ll see how that works out once I begin.

So this is my workout plan for the next two weeks. I’m not sure exactly when my next 5k will be, but I’m looking at a few different races in the next month or so. I’ll keep you all posted!

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 8.22.24 AM

Any tips on improving your race time? When is your next race?